Why is Commsor's Logo a Dinosaur? 🦕

It was a mistake. Just like the hoodies

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👀 At a glance

  • Commsor’s logo wasn’t always a dinosaur. It started as insert abstract shape here like almost every other SaaS company

  • A simple misspelling created an inside joke that led to us adopting the dinosaur

  • That dinosaur has seeped into our entire marketing persona, and become a cornerstone of our brand identity

Read on to learn more about how we accidentally chose a dinosaur as a logo.

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💡 The idea

“Why the dinosaur logo? It doesn’t make sense.”

Yeah you’re probably right, as are the 100 other people who’ve asked me some variation of the same question.

Would you believe me if I said the dinosaur was a mistake? Yup, just like our hoodies.

A few years ago, someone misspelled Commsor as “Commsaur”. Someone on our team screenshotted it and made a joke in Slack - “hahah like a dinosaur!”.

Literally overnight our internal DMs were filled with dinosaur puns. References to dinosaurs started slowly seeping into our newsletter. We hid dino emojis on our website.

The OG Commsor logo that I created in 5 minutes

Then it came time to finally move past the original, 5-minute logo that I had created just so we had something. There was no doubt internally - we had to embrace the dino externally just like we had internally.

👷‍♂️ The execution

It happened relatively quickly.

Gerhard, our super talented illustrator and designer sketched out an initial few ideas and we very quickly settled on one as the basic shape that would get refined to our current logo.

The original sketch Gerhard created

📈 The outcome

Well, the outcome was the dino logo that you know (and hopefully love) today.

But beyond the actual asset of the branding, adopting this logo unlocked so much more for us.

It gave our brand an identity to rally around. An identity that led to copy choices like hiding dino puns in product update emails, or the purple dino hoodie I wrote about last time.

Having such a clear brand personality makes creating supporting assets and visual direction incredibly easy.

Need a holiday card? Well of course its going to feature dinosaurs.

🌟 Why it worked

In short - the dinosaur is fun, simple, and memorable.

Most B2B software logos are, objectively, boring. They aren’t something you’d love to wear around unless you had a strong tie to the company (like working there).

When’s the last time you got a t-shirt with a B2B company logo slapped on it and genuinely thought “wow I can’t wait to wear this outside of work?”

If you’re like me, the answer is never.

Abstract shapes in insert color choice

In an increasingly crowded SaaS market, the dinosaur stands out - both in concept and visually.

Extra bonus, it also let us take on an emoji as part of our brand 🦕. It may seem like a tiny, inconsequential thing, but having an emoji you can adopt as a micro version of your logo and brand can be hugely powerful. It’s enabled things like:

  • Adding the emoji to our names on LinkedIn, providing micro moments of brand awareness every time our team posts, comments, etc

  • Ongoing brand association - multiple people have told us that see that emoji anywhere and they think of us

  • Ben on our team once booked a meeting because someone couldn’t remember his name but they remembered the 🦕 and found him by searching for the emoji

Can your logo do this?

Is the dinosaur kind of weird as a brand for a company that isn’t building a real Jurassic Park (at least not yet)? Yeah, a little bit.

Is it also good?


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